"The End of the Lodzermensch?" - Project Description

May 2011 to February 2012: In cooperation with the University of Łódź we organized a meeting project between students/lecturers and Łódź born witnesses to history. The witnesses of German, Jewish and mixed German-Polish descent reported about every day life and the differing cultural realities in the city before the Second World War, and the catastrophic phase that started with the war and the German occupation of the city.

Their reports will help to better understand and envision how drastic and often horrific the breach of the Second World War was and the consequences it had on this European city. We will look at the histories and destinies of individual people of Lodz who stem from different cultural backgrounds.

A Project presentation took place February 28, 2012 in Lodz (Screening of film excerpts of meeting sessions, questions round and discussions) at the University of Lodz. Institute of Literature and Culture of Germany, Austria, Switzerland.




The witnesses (some of them escaped, were expelled or left Lodz during or after the war) are of Polish, Jewish, German or mixed decent.

The project phase in May 2011 was structured as meeting seminars with Lodz witnesses (their meeting with students, lecturers, journalists, listening to their reports and memories, questions and answers), and visits to places in Lodz that are important to the witnesses – biographically or historically or of other symbolic importance to them individually.

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Our project is embedded in an ongoing and longterm filmic documentary project about the history of Lodz.


The project is being implemented with funds from the following organizations / foundations: