Helena Bergson

* Helena Bergson

*1921 in Łódź - 2013. Forced to move to the Getto "Litzmannstadt" where she worked as nurse. One of the few witnesses who can report about life in Łódź before, during and after the war and who lived in the getto right up to its "liquidation".

                   Helena Bergson. In the background the house where she lived before the war,                                                           before having to move to the getto  (1940 )

* PART 1 / film excerpts (approx 20 min) of the meeting

   with students  and other witnesses in May 2011

   (language: Polish)

Helena Bergson (Ausschnitte/Begegnung/Mai 2011) 

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Team : Conception: Tanja Cummings - Kamera: Marek Iwicki. - Interpreters : Ewa Psuty, Jolanta Sobonska, Juliana Olesiewicz.  - Second camera: Roman Blauth. Moderation: Ewa Wiatr, Dr. Krystyna Radziszewska. Transkriptionen/Übersetzungen: Jolanta Sobonska


 *Transcription of the complete meeting session.




*The meeting with students, teachers, and other witnesses took place on 26 May 2011 at the Institute of German Studies at the University of Łódź.


*Images of the meeting session

Helena Bergson



Helena Bergson after the session

Helena Bergson meeting Mr. and Mrs. Ventzki


Helena Bergson meeting Natan Grossmann




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